Gender balance continues to be foremost in our clients mind.  

Organisations with more diverse workforces are more likely to perform in the top quartile.  But that said, whilst most companies have been focused on this agenda point for the past decade, the dial has not shifted sufficiently.  Our approach is to recognise that we cannot continue to do things the same way and achieve a different result – hence our commitment to working proactively (and distinctively) with our clients to deliver a different outcome.

  • We aim to include an absolute minimum of one female candidate on every shortlist

  •  We ask our client to think differently and laterally about where candidates might come from

  • We ask our clients to be prepared to make compromises but for good reason and to positive effect

We commit to including a diversity criteria in every search we execute

  • ​We build a framework which focuses on attributes– we look for candidates who shoot the lights out on the relevant attributes and demonstrate to our client how these attributes can best be leveraged for today’s existing appointment but more importantly, how this appointment will enrich the business for the long term
Gender Balance Solutions
In Glencairn’s first year, we can already attest to a 50% female placement rate.