A certified IECL coach delivers coaching outcomes, supporting our clients in presenting as the best version of themselves in the work place.   Our experience and industry focus allows us to coach in a relatable manner, working to enhance leadership and team performance.  We create a safe space for our clients to question and understand how their behaviours and actions are perceived by others and how to open their mind to new and different perspectives.  By holding a space where we can challenge and listen, our clients grow, evolve and develop into more mindful, thoughtful and self-aware versions of themselves.  


Our Transition Solutions evolved out of the thinking that the traditional outplacement model does not necessarily suit the individual needs of mid-career, senior executives.  Through bringing together expertise in executive search and coaching excellence, we deliver a solution focused on pragmatic career support  whilst guiding participants on searching for the next meaningful opportunity.  Our program comprises a bespoke and personalised transition program  whilst also providing a vibrant "place to be" in the CBD during the working week. 

coaching and transition solutions